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General information about nature & sport

Do you know Zeeland? You may not always see it, but there is a lot to do.

Cadzand Sports
Kiteschool in Cadzand. But also Suppen, Powerkiten, XL games, GPS tour and Archery in surrounding  of  Cadzand  or Terneuzen
View: https://www.cadzandsports.nl/

Moio Beach
Golf Surf, Adventure Sports & Fun sporting, in combination with a beautiful strand restaurant pavilion in Breskens.
View: https://www.moio.nl/

Delta Race

Sailing event. This event exists 50 years and has become famous. The Delta weekend will take place from 24-26 June 2022. More information to join or to attend on website.
View: https://www.deltaweekend.nl/

Kust Marathan Zeeland
Each year the coastal marathon takes place. This year it will be the 19th marathon. This sport event has grown into a big happening. It will take place on September 30, 1 & 2 October 2022
To register view: https://www.marathonzeeland.nl/deelnemers/kustmarathon



Nationaal Park Oosterschelde
Nature reserve – the beating heart of the Zeeland Delta! A dynamic world of wind, water, mud flats and salt marshes. More to discover on website.
View: https://www.np-oosterschelde.nl/en/home.htm

Neeltje Jans Deltapark
Zeeland is largely located at or below sea level. In 1953, the dikes were bad and low. The risk of flooding was once in 80 years back then. Thanks to the storm surge barrier, that chance is now less than once every 4,000 years. Deltapark Neeltje Jans offers you the unique opportunity to visit this building from the inside as well as outside; concrete with a 200-year guarantee surrounds you, steel doors 45 metres wide lift up and the tide rushes under you. You have to see and experience this for yourself!
View:  https://www.neeltjejans.nl/ 
and all activities: https://www.neeltjejans.nl/plattegrond/

Spotting seals
A large group of seals has settled on one of the sandbanks in the Oosterschelde, where we can get very close at low tide. During the special seal safari of Frisia cruises we take the time to enjoy these beautiful animals in silence. A unique opportunity!
View: seal safaris: https://frisiarondvaarten.nl/

Visit lighthouses
Maybe you’ve never known, as a mariner in need, the comforting glow of a lighthouse, but even on the land side, you’ll appreciate the vital value of these beacons for shipping. For centuries, they have faithfully aided sailors to chart their course close to land, and avoid any shipwreck. Various lighthouses can be visited – more to read on the website.
: https://www.zeeland.com/en/visit/things-to-do/sights/the-lighthouses-of-zeeland

Land van Saefthinge
Special landscaping. The Drowned Land of Saeftinghe is interesting, with wild and untamed nature, strong tidal influence and a fantastic history. Many volunteers, students, scientists and Het Zeeuwse Landschap employees study the area, and the results of this research give an insight into how Saeftinghe functions and its importance for the species inhabiting the area. A guided excursion in the Drowned Land of Saeftinghe has been an unforgettable experience for many visitors. In this large, 36km2 primeval landscape, you will experience a wilderness that is completely unique for the Netherlands and Belgium.
View: https://www.saeftinghe.eu/en/

Marinas in Zeeland
Surrounded by water, North Sea, Ooster and Westerschelde, inland lakes, makes it important to have marinas and the amenities of Zeeland marinas are first class.
View: https://www.zeeland.com/en/visit/places-to-stay/marinas

Zeeland and Castles
Zeeland has castles from the Middle Ages, mainly in remains, but there’s a spanking new one too. Most are on Walcheren and Zuid-Beveland. They can be visited; at some castles and surrounding  you can stay over.
View: https://www.zeeland.com/en/visit/things-to-do/sights/castles-in-zeeland

Playgrounds for Children

Playgounds Route
Playgrounds are fun. There is a playground routing in Zeeland where you find a lot of options for children.

Here the top ranking, put together from tourists in Zeeland
Play bunker park in Groede: https://www.groedepodium.nl/speelenbunkerpark
Play farm Pierewiet, Nieuwvliet: https://www.pierewiet.nl/
Play & experience farm, Grijpskerke: https://hofpoppendamme.nl/
Indoor play & play yard, ‘s Heer-Arendskerke: https://www.klokuus.com/en/#content
Traditional play yard, Terneuzen: https://www.oranje-kwartier.nl/
Indoor playground, bowling, midget golf, Burg-Haamstede: https://sportcentrumwesterschouwen.nl/
Indoor playground, bowling, lasergamen, kids parties, Sluis: https://www.toversluis.nl/
Recreation & camping park De Vogel; activities for children, Vogelwaarde: https://www.de-vogel.nl/en/
The world of trains, Goes: https://www.destoomtrein.nl/experience-more/de-buffer/?lang=en

Other sports : Every municipality has its own sport organizations.
Listed here are the sport activities in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen:

Archery, atlethics, badminton, baseball, bridge, billiards, cycling, fitness, football, golf, hockey, horse riding, korfball, motor races, squash, swimming, tennis, table tennis. 

Golf 18 holes, Axel: https://www.dewoestekop.nl/
Golf 18 holes, Oostburg: https://www.golfoostburg.com/en
Skihall, Terneuzen: https://www.snowworld.com/terneuzen/nl
Gliding, Axel: https://www.ezac.nl/drupal/index.php


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