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General information about shopping & culinary

Do you know Zeeland? You may not always see it, but there is a lot to do.

Zeeland and shopping
There is a variety of shopping possibilities; this is often a market place with streets around it. All municipalities have their shopping area.
The ZMO (Zeeland Marketing Organization) website gives you a good overview.
View: https://www.zeeland.com/nl-nl/live-work/blogs/7x-op-avontuur-in-zeeland
(Site will be soon available in English )

Zeeland is also a node for various towns in other countries. You could say that Antwerp and Gent are towns in your back yard! Take the train or car to Paris and after a few hours you can enjoy a coffee on a terrace!


Star Restaurants

Last but not least – star restaurants!
Zeeland is rich and proud of culinary star restaurants. Restaurants with high presence and beautiful furnished. Zeeland counts in 2021 eight star restaurants. Discover them here:

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