Open a Dutch bank account

A Dutch bank account is necessary for those who are going to work and live in the Netherlands and with income paid in the Netherlands. You must go in person to open a bank account, but it is not always necessary to make an appointment. Please ask at the information desk to see an advisor.

The following documents are required:

  • Valid passport – if you have a residence permit please take along too.
  • Proof of address (confirmation of registration from the town hall or a rental contract).
  • A letter confirming employment (from employer or a copy of the work contract).
  • BSN number

(The bank will require some evidence of income in the form of an employment contract, recent pay slips or a statement of employment benefits. Without any income you will not be allowed to open a banking account. Students should bring proof of enrollment at their university or educational institution)

There are a number of Banks in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen/Zeeland:

See section I am a partner for more information about ABN Amro Bank and RABO bank.

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