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To register for residence in the Netherlands, you must make an appointment with the population register of the municipality where you will live. You find the links here for the first appointment to register in one of the municipalities of the Expat Center Zeeland.
Registration is free of charge

Register in Terneuzen

Register in Hulst

Register in Sluis

Registration takes place at Municipality  with Location Oostburg
Open: Monday thru Friday, 08.30 – 16.30 (walk in)

The first appointment should be made within five (5) days after your arrival in the Netherlands. Accompany family members must all come in person with the expat. Everyone residing in the Netherlands has a BSN (Citizen Service Number).  A BSN will be issued to you when your registration at the municipality is completed. This BSN is required when you take out health insurance, open a bank account, receive your salary or apply for benefits.

Note: When leaving the country the BSN is always linked to the same individual and, upon return, the same number is still used

For NON-EU/EEA/Swiss citizens registration also depends on an action by the IND.
Your employer applies for a Single Permit. The single permit combines the residence permit and the TWV combined work- and residence permit. Upon entry in the Netherlands you visit the Immigration and Naturalization IND first* or in case you have visited the municipality first, you please follow the instructions of the municipality for the follow-up steps with the IND regarding the residence permit. If the IND accepts the application, it will notify the municipality.

*To visit the IND you must first make an online appointment: Appointment for the IND
Note: The IND authorities visit the municipalities in the region of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen every 6 weeks to give out documents.
Due to the Corona break out, please use link below:

For questions regarding picking up a residence permit, or trying to travel to or from the Netherlands and taking biometrics, Click Here. 

In case of moving to another municipality, you need to provide your new address to the new municipality. You do not need to register again. If you change your address within the municipality, you need to inform them (all changes online via municipality website).

Documents needed

For the municipality registration appointment the following documents are needed:

For citizens of EU/EEA or Switzerland a valid passport or identity card.
For non-EU/EEA citizens a valid passport and a valid residence permit (verblijfsvergunning) or being in the process of applying for one.
Note: Driver's licenses are not accepted as identity cards.

A tenancy agreement or a signed statement plus a photo copy of the passport of the main occupant, stating that you are allowed to register at that address, or a document that proves that you are the owner of a house, a deed of ownership or a deed of transfer.

A legalized copy of birth certificate not older than 6 months*;
if appricable, a legalized copy of marriage certificate not older than 6 months*;
if applicable, a legalized divorce certificate not older than 6 months*; if applicable for adoption, a legalized certificate of recognition not older than 6 months*
if applicable and if family joins, copy of birth certificate child(ren) not older than 6 months*

* important: if the document is written in a language other than English, German or French, a translation must be provided. This translation needs to be done in the Netherlands by a sworn translator. Please read the section legalization of documents beforehand.

Also, you must reside in the municipality for at least four (4) continuous months in the six-month period following registration.

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