Staying for no more than four (4) months

If you are staying in the Netherlands for no more than four (4) months, you can register with one of the 19 municipalities in the Netherlands (including Terneuzen) as a non-resident under a special registration provision for the registration of Non-Residents. (Registratie Niet-Ingezetenen, RNI)

Conditions to obtain a BSN as a non-resident:

You must have a valid passport or identity card. (Driver's licenses are not accepted as identity cards).

Note: If a person is registered as a non-resident and has received a BSN via the RNI and the work situation is likely to exceed the allowed 4 month period, then person must immediately register as a resident at the local municipality. The registration will be moved to from the RNI to the BRP (Municipal Personal Records Database).

Register in Terneuzen

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