ABAB, Terneuzen & Goes: ABAB is an all-round accountancy and advisory organization with clients from the business community, government and private individuals. We work with over 700 employees from 17 offices in the south of the Netherlands. Highly experienced in advising employers and expats on legal and tax matters, and if necessary the provision of tax returns.

AM Zeeland – inspiring space, our vision & mission: Creating and developing inspiring and sustainable living environments, that is our passion. Committed area developer and social challenges are at the heart of our development process. Area developer in Terneuzen, Middelburg, Goes. (See Othene.nl, Mortiere.nl, Essenvelt.nl & Bellevuegoesediep.nl). Expats can contact us for a new-build home.

BorderInfoPoint: Crossing the border in Belgium or in the Netherlands to work, live or study, you face  rules and obligations of that country. What does this mean? What do you need to undertake and what are the consequences of a cross-border immigration? BorderInfoPoint Scheldemond, located at the town hall of Terneuzen, can answer and assist you with questions by appointment.

Elevantio, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen: Elevantio is a regional education organization in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen for basic education. Our core values are: Individuality, Pride, Wonder and being Strong Together. We work being connected with the world around us. We wonder each time again about the individuality of each child with all their talents. Together we make ourselves strong for your child. We are proud that we can offer each child a safe place where they feel well.

Expat Center Zeeland: Public information point Dutch law & regulations. Assisting with information issues e.g. social security, insurances, housing, education etc. in cooperation with affiliated partners. Part of the center is the International Community Zeeland ensuring smooth integration & offering internationals an own network and programs & events linked to information, education and culture.
The Buddy Table: New program helping internationals with questions related to official Dutch letters from authorities and organizations. buddytable@expatcenterzeeland.com.

Het Goese Lyceum: Secondary school in Goes with two locations for students aged 12-18. Location Bergweg for VMBO students (vocational education) offering 7 different practical subjects. Location Oranjeweg for mavo, havo & vwo students offering bilingual education (vwo), Technasium (technical education), Kunst & Cultuur (performing & visual arts) and Gymnasium (classical studies including Greek & Latin languages).  

Gemeente Goes: Municipality Goes offers residents a green & quiet living environment with top urban facilities, comparable to a city of 100,000 inhabitants. Goes is the economic hub of Zeeland with a varied & stable economy; short distance to Rotterdam, Breda, Antwerp or at the beach! Attractive municipality to work & live. The town & surrounding business areas offer employment opportunities
for about 27.000 people, having a growing economy.

Gemeente Middelburg: Middelburg is a city with a rich past and the history is still visible with more than 1100 national monuments in the city center. Areas around the center are very different, each with their own character, type of houses and facilities. Wide range of schools, both primary & secondary education. Middelburg is the county board of Zeeland, a student city and an attractive, cultural and (re)creative town. Lots of local people and tourists enjoy shopping, visit restaurants, have a drink on a terrace or visit a museum, exposition or event. Welcome to  beautiful & pleasant Middelburg!

HR Expat Services: The right service provider to empower your human capital
Women-owned family business, specialized in relocation services/expatriate assistance, also offering destination & immigration services. We empower your HR department making your employees feel at home so they can be productive from start of move. Every customer receives sincere attention, based on years of experience, recognized expertise in expatriate services and a great eye for the human side of a relocation!

HZ University of Applied Sciences Vlissingen: A warm welcome from HZ University of Applied Sciences, representative of higher education in the region. Not only being educators, but also partners in the search for knowledge and skills. An university where students matter, working on making the world a better place to live, utilizing the Sustainable Development Goals as a connector between our many academic programs. Boasting 10+ bachelor level international programs at Vlissingen & Middelburg, we may be just the investment in your future - be it social, economical, technological or pedagogical.

InfoPoint Inulst Hulst: Hulst is a fortified town with 14 villages on the border of Zeeland & Flanders,  surrounded by woods, water & polder land. Rich history, lots of ambiance and completely up to date. Hulst is located between the Westerschelde & Flanders, being very central & big cities around such as Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels & Breda; all reachable within 1 hour. Having nice places to eat, drink or to party with special restaurants in the villages around. In a nutshell, Hulst and its villages are lovely to live, visit and to undertake!

Kinderopvang Zeeuws-Vlaanderen: Over 40 years of experience being trusted providers of childcare in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. Offering the best of two worlds: the personal and cozy atmosphere being typical of a small daycare centre and the knowledge & experience of a large professional organization. Safe and stimulating environment for children having plenty of space to grow and develop and to discover the world around them. Our pedagogical staff does not use an “one size fits all” approach, but instead respects the importance of every child getting the personal attention it needs to develop at his/her own pace.

Lesgeven in Zeeland: Is an initiative of Zeeland education, working together with primary, secondary education and higher vocational secondary education. Joining forces related to the project regional approach personnel shortage. We have a clear ambition: Zeeland offers high quality, sustainable and future-oriented education, related to uninterrupted development of young children unto young adults. Our education professionals play a key role in this and we invest in versatile teachers & pedagogical staff. They help our students to develop very well within their capacities. Innovative education is therefore indispensable. This joint approach in Zeeland is unique, helping to combat teacher shortages. Aim is a collaboration in which every organization retains its diversity & freedom.

Manpower Terneuzen: Work agency with a great deal of international experience. Yearly helping lots of international people with a new job in the area. Because of our dedicated team and collaboration with the Expat Center, the municipalities and  UWV, having a broad network and solid possibilities to help new Expats and their partners finding a new job and settling in the area. Our Spousal program in collaboration with the Expat Center is a great example of our services. So when you or your partner are looking for possibilities, stop by our stand and  have a chat with us to discuss further steps.

Onbegrensd Zeeuws-Vlaanderen: Onbegrensdzeeuwsvlaanderen.nl puts the area  Zeeuws-Vlaanderen as an unique work and living region on the map. Focus is on international employees, on young people and on people coming back to this area. Doing this through joint activities. All parties involved (municipalities, companies, education, labor market facilities, Expat Center Zeeland, youth platform Rootzz) like to share their expertise, network and enthusiasm.

Project Dress for Success, Dow Benelux: Dress for Success is so much more than clothes.
For more than two decades, Dress for Success has evolved from a provider of workwear to a comprehensive career assistance resource that takes a holistic approach to helping women (and men) achieve economic independence. By offering mentorships, workshops, networking opportunities, career coaching, interview sessions and more, the organization not only aims to help find jobs but also make sure to excel at them. Welcome to our program!

Project The Expat library,  Dow Benelux: The Expat Library project aims to catalyst the integration of locals and immigrants community. The Expat Library offers a large books portfolio in many languages and will host literary events in different languages, including Dutch, as a contribution to the cultural life of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen for the benefit of both the local and international communities.

Roeivereniging Zeeuws-Vlaanderen: Are you interested in rowing outdoors, recreational or semi-competitive, in a single rowing boat or as a team sport? Come and have a look. The rowing club is situated on the banks of the Otheense Kreek in Terneuzen. Practice weekdays after work and/or weekends during mornings. No matter if you have rowing experience or are newbie, we can accommodate. Interested to join an international crowd of rowing friends, enjoy club live & rowing outdoors? Come and see us at the event or contact us directly: dowrow.pvdow.nl/

Rootzz Zeeuws-Vlaanderen: Let us introduce to you! Rootzz Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, a network organization for and with young professionals and students. Rootzz organizes every year various informal network activities being the link between students, young professionals and various (international) companies in the region. We want to alert students & young professionals that
offers a wide range of job opportunities at international & regional companies. Zeeuws-Vlaanderen is beautiful, quietly & spaciously. You are surrounding by big cities and near to the most beautiful beaches. Why not staying in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen building your future here?

Rotsvast: For more than 30 years the biggest all round specialist related to renting, leasing and managing real estate for individuals and companies with about 20 offices throughout the Netherlands. For renting we offer softly furnished and furnished housing; often these rental possibilities being available on short notice for a short or longer period. Being a house owner? We can assist you by taking over the management of your home.

Scalda Taaltraining:  Organizing language trainings related to Dutch as a second language. Scalda has basic language groups; training is given from language level A0 until A2; also having level increase groups, especially meant for fast learners, to be trained from A0 to A2; from A2 to B1 and from A2 to B2. In general the lessons are given during the day, but following lessons during the evening is possible too. With a sufficient number of students and in agreement with Scalda, various arrangements can be discussed. Also providing lessons in a company is one of the possibilities.

Schipper Accountants: Offering a wide range of business services, expert guidance and personal advice, also for international employees. At Schipper we put our customer at the heart of everything we do. This is the way we are, it’s what we believe and it’s how we make a difference. Our services include tax advice, accountancy, pension advice. We are here for you & are partner of the Expat Center Zeeland.

Sluis Gastvrij Zeeuws-Vlaanderen: West-Zeeuws-Vlaanderen in Zeeland, but where a Flemish wind blows from the south. This part of Zeeland belonged to Flanders until 1814. You feel that, you taste that! The southern Flemish wind provides a friendliness and a Burgundian atmosphere. We offer the best of both worlds. A rich cultural history, picturesque towns and villages, miles of sandy beaches, beautiful cycling routes, rough nature, it's all there. www.visitwestzeeuwsvlaanderen.nl

Taalkracht: Taalkracht organizes language trainings in Dutch & English, tailor made. Offered to internationals and for native speakers, taking as much as possible the student into account -> what exactly does the student need? Own documents can be used (emails, notes, procedures, instruction manuals) in case this is needed for work related communication. We prefer teaching one-on-one, but it is also possible to teach for small groups. A personal approach, tailored to the need, that is what Taalkracht is committed to!

Taalschool Zeeland: Provides lessons for non-native speakers (NT2) at all levels. Mainly through group lessons, but individual lessons are also possible; often through your employer. We offer tailor made lessons by focusing on needs, wishes and goals. We can emphasize on speaking & listening skills or on all language skills; also offering language skills used within your experience field. We start with a free intake, followed by a level determination & proposal. All teachers are NT2 certified. Taalschool Zeeland is part of PIBLW Re-Integration and has over 20 years of experience. We keep the quality mark “Blik op Werk”.

The FotoClub Dow:  35 enthusiastic people, enjoying photography as their hobby. During club meetings photos of members are discussed /reviewed to improve photographic skills. Workshops & specific exercises are given by professional experts and meant to bring the club to a higher level, always keeping in mind that most members are amateurs. Activities take place at the PVO building. Exceptions are day/weekend trips visiting expositions or photogenic cities/landscapes to practice skills. Yearly big event is the popular exhibition showing approx. 50 photos of club members.

Toonbeeld: Toonbeeld is THE center at the municipality of Terneuzen for music education, visual arts & art- and culture education. Our wide range does include theatre for children, photography, excursions and colleges related to art and culture. All inhabitants, young & old, and all levels from beginners to being experienced are most welcome! Toonbeeld works together with schools, social organizations and business companies. Our goal is that people discover & enjoy the world of music and visual arts and that they can develop their talent. Look for possibilities on www.toonbeeld.nl.

Tourist Informatie Punt TIP, Terneuzen: Welcome to Terneuzen! A growing port city with a lot of history. Also its 13 surrounding villages carry a wealth of historical value. Terneuzen is located in beautiful Zeeuws-Vlaanderen at the Westerschelde and a routing to several large Belgian cities such as Ghent & Antwerp. It is great & pleasant to visit Terneuzen & surrounding for everyone who likes an environment related to ports, historical heritage, good food, nice cycling and quiet walking routes.

Van Bruggen Adviesgroep, Terneuzen: Financial Mortgage, Loans, Insurances. First step is an introductory meeting, free of charge and without obligation. Is it better to buy or rent a house? What is the correct sequence and what steps should I take? Which house (price range) suits my possibilities and which monthly costs do I need to take into account? How high are the additional costs and with which other parties (appraisal, notary, broker, bank, insurer) will I have to deal with? Van Bruggen Adviesgroep has a network of collaborating parties that customers can use.

VO Zeeuws-Vlaanderen: Welcome at VO Zeeuws-Vlaanderen offering secondary education at different levels for youth of age 12-18. We are not an International School. Most of our education is in Dutch and exams are only taken in Dutch. Nevertheless, we offer good opportunities for all non-Dutch youngsters. In most cases, first entering into “Eerste opvang anderstaligen” in Terneuzen, where we teach (among a lot of other things) Dutch. With progress next step is entering the regular classes at Lodewijk CollegeTerneuzen, Reynaert College Hulst or Zwin College Oostburg, depending the living location. Together we decide which school & which education level suits best. Come and discover our schools at www.vozeeuwsvlaanderen.nl

We are Witte-Boussen Assurantiën B.V: Expert partner in Zeeuws Vlaanderen for all your insurances. Staying in NL means that several insurances will have to be arranged. Some are mandatory (e.g. health insurance, motor/car insurance), some highly recommendable (e.g. liability insurance, legal aid insurance, household insurance) and others being more voluntary (e.g. travel insurance) depending on your situation. Some insurances can be arranged through your employer; others can only be arranged by yourself. For questions/more information, contact  our experts;  we have years of insurance experience for expats &  the international community in the Netherlands and Belgium. For Sure, Witte-Boussen.

Food Market:

Culi-J: At Culi-J, taste comes first. Taste of pure and honest food; of nature, the region &  season. Delicious &  beautiful dishes and food that gives you energy. Everything fresh & prepared with passion! Created with ingredients from close-by and with passion for quality and ambiance. This way food becomes so much more: a culinary total experience, which you can truly enjoy with taste!

Magnus Wines Tasting: Magnus quality wines exists since 1984 and is specialized for selection of wines at the source( country of origin), as well as import and distribution of wines with an interesting price and quality comparison. Wine is our passion!

Palet van Smaken: Stands for Experience & Enjoyment. International tasting happens in our shop; from Spanish Pata Negra to Italian Parma Ham, from Southern Bouygette to English Cheddar; Belgian salads; Dutch sausages and a big variety of tasting nuts. High quality is always leading! Being a delicacy company with enthusiastic employees always being on top of the world related to the developments of world flavors.

Portuguese Taste Food!: Hi there! We are Lina and Sónia, both born and raised in Portugal, currently living in the Netherlands, working at Dow. Like the good Portuguese we are, we love our gastronomy and we would like to give you a little taste of Portugal. Our food is Mediterranean cuisine at its best, and like the Portuguese people, it's warm, vibrant, spicy, and a little mysterious. It's also balanced, as our diet is filled with fruits, vegetables, fresh seafood, meat, and plenty of sweets. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Studio Zeezout: Import of coloured sea salt from Mediterranean countries, to be used in the kitchen and at the table. My passion is to replace sea salt in restaurants with better taste & colour. Sea salt purifies and protects your body. It is so much better than pre-filled bags, packs and food additions using the right dose and not too much. Welcome!

Tea, Cakes and Company: For the original afternoon/ high tea experience brought to you with love from Scotland. 

YAKINIKU: YAKINIKU® is the best choice in Kamado if you want to go for a luxurious black look and use of the very best materials. Our Kamado are extremely heat-resistant and can handle all heat and weather conditions. Don't miss out on our unique Japanese table grill, the Shichirin! The perfect way to bring people together and enjoy fine dishes around the grill.

Yara Supermarket: Owners Shadi and Mulhim opened their own shop in 2020 in Terneuzen.
They come from Syria and they met each other in the Netherlands. In their home country they had another profession but decided to open a shop. You can buy all kind of products from the Middle-East but also other products such as self-made baklava and other taste snacks or meat. Welcome!

ZJam: Get to know my hobby! Delicious fresh homemade jam. After my study at the hotel school in Bruges (BE), I have always been busy with flavors and combinations. You can taste more than 20 different  types of jam. It is delicious with bread or with yogurt or together with ice cream or as a salad dressing!


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