Looking back and beyond…..

In this quarterly newsletter we refer to the step by step development. What have we done in 2021? To describe this in two words this is constructive & discovering.


In our previous newsletter we mentioned in our press release that the number of internationals in Zeeland has intensively increased during recent years. This is an average of 17% per year.

In 2019 the total number of international employees working in Zeeland was 14.055, of which 10.560 employees live in Zeeland. There is a strong upward trend of the total number of international employees living in Zeeland between 2010 and 2019 and especially from the period 2016-2019 this shows a growth of 34%.  These figures have been presented to the municipalities in Zeeland and the representatives are aware of the fact that international workers are a substantial part of the workforce.  There is a positive development going on and our business plan to realize a Zeeland-wide approach will be presented and discussed with the municipalities early next year.
Constructive results!


Figures: source Decisio report monitor international employees Zeeland


The awareness of the Expat Center Zeeland has made important steps in 2021. The flow via employers has started, internationals find the direct way themselves and the international community gets recognition. Employers mention that the Expat Center is the appropriate additional support and that the customer focus is excellent. For example, the Spousal Support Program has a lot of potential. Partners of expats/internationals give up their job abroad and are interested to understand the possibilities to eventually start working in the Netherlands. This program has been introduced during the launch of the international community and has been received as a successful initiative. The Expat Center is seen as a good and growing network and is involved in projects with an international approach. Internationals do mail, phone and visit us!
Discovering us happens every day!

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