Great Initiative!

A great initiative to cooperate with  Tragel  to contribute to the news broadcast of last March 20 at Omroep Zeeland.

During the news broadcast of Omroep Zeeland on 20 March, Tragel and the Expat Center Zeeland made a contribution at the Tragel location and in the café of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen Library.

The focus was related to a Spanish employee of Tragel and an Italian employee of Dow Benelux. The connection with the Expat Center was emphasized as an important link to familiarize international employees with the Dutch guidelines and with the environment in Zeeland. Read the online article on this topic hier

It also became clear that international employees have become indispensable to the Zeeland economy. They make up for a good 7 percent of the Zeeland working population and that share grows continuously every year.

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