Onbegrensd Zeeuws-Vlaanderen makes a contribution

Zeeuws-Vlaanderen is a region that owes its character to contrasts and borders. Therefore,  it has many unlimited possibilities; think of spacious living, plenty of opportunities on the labor market, Burgundian life, lots of club life and not to forget, the most sunshine hours in the Netherlands!

As Onbegrensdzeeuwsvlaanderen, activities are carried out that strengthen Zeeuws-Vlaanderen as an area in itself and as part of the cross-border Euregio Scheldemond. Onbegrensdzeeuwsvlaanderen is a collaboration between the three municipalities Hulst, Sluis and Terneuzen, the business community and various organizations in this region.
We focus on living, working, the labor market, education and level of facilities. We are available to interested parties on both sides of the border.

What does this mean?

Onbegrensdzeeuwsvlaanderen establishes currently an agenda for the next two years. We do this with our affiliated partners. We respond to signals that we receive from the network and address them to the right parties or if needed, we tackle matters together within our network. At the moment we focus on international internships and also the situation for young starters on the housing market has now our attention. We cooperate with Rootzz and parties that are active in the housing market and a series of podcasts is being made for starters about living in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen.

We also emphasize on what is needed to strengthen cooperation and cohesion in the promotion and marketing of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. For this we are in contact with the city marketing organizations in the three municipalities and the tourist information points.

Stay informed?

Just follow Onbegrensdzeeuwsvlaanderen via social media (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn) to stay informed about our activities. Or visit website: www.onbegrensdzeeuwsvlaanderen.nl

Zeeuws-Vlaanderen is unlimited to live, work and to experience.  We are happy to show you unlimited possibilities!

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