Settle in Zeeland

Den Doelder Crossborder Recruitment –Settle in Zeeland  - recruits Europe-wide and places employees at companies in the province Zeeland and in Flanders (Belgium). These placements can be in direct employment with the client or, for example, on  secondment basis.  We assist expats and labor migrants and their partners in applying  a citizen service number, insurance questions, housing  possibilities or,  for example,  understanding of the Dutch or Belgian legal system.  We provide these services under the label "Settle in Zeeland" and employees receive a warm welcome to our region in the Netherlands. We also relieve employers when hiring employees from abroad. Settle in Zeeland also provides partners of expats with a suitable job, so called dual career. Candidates are guided to a new job, with or without additional training or course.

Den Doelder Crossborder Recruitment is also member of EURES.  This membership is a quality label for companies that are active in cross-border recruitment. Quick and efficient contact can be realized with various countries in Europe. We have an unique position on the (labor) market in the border region of Zeeland & Flanders. The Flemish government has granted recognition to den Doelder Recruitment BV for work placement in regular work and "construction" in Flanders.

This means that as a result, den Doelder can place employees in an employment contract of their country of residence with an employer across the border. For example, someone living in Belgium can be employed under a Belgian employment contract with a Dutch company and vice versa. This has the great advantage that there are no major tax and administrative consequences for both parties. There is also no interruption in the accrual of rights in the country of residence. Also, Dutch companies can deploy their temporary workers living in the Netherlands on projects adopted in Belgium. Temporary workers through an unauthorized agency may not be employed in Belgium.

The Expat Center Zeeland can provide a contact person.

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