Housing Cooperation Information

Woongoed Zeeuws-Vlaanderen is a social housing corporation with approximately 6.000 homes owned and managed over 40 different centers throughout Zeeuws-Vlaanderen. We are an effective organization that is committed to provide good quality and affordable housing for those who cannot provide it themselves. As a housing association, we are at the heart of the society. We fulfill our social role in a responsible way and we find resolutions in dealing with challenges that arise in our environment.
Trust and collaboration are central.

You will find our housing possibilities in:

The middle of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen near Terneuzen (Axel, Biervliet, Hoek, Koewacht, Philippine, Sas van Gent, Sluiskil, Westdorpe, Zaamslag & Zuiddorpe)
East of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen near Hulst (Clinge, Graauw, Heikant, Hengstdijk, Kloosterzande, Lamswaarde, Nieuw-namen, St. Jansteen, Terhole & Vogelwaarde)

West of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen near Oostburg & Sluis (Aardenburg, Breskens, Cadzand, Eede, Groede, Hoofdplaat, IJzendijke, Nieuwvliet, Retranchement, Oostburg, Schoondijke, Sluis & Waterlandkerkje). 

Since we are a social housing association, it means that we mainly rent to tenants who cannot provide this themselves. If your income is higher than € 40.024,00 (2021 price level), there are limited homes available. Furthermore, the housing rental includes a kitchen, bathroom, sanitary ware, electricity/gas and water utilities. It does not include carpets, curtains, kitchen appliances, furniture etc. This is for the tenant him/herself. To be eligible for possible renting, you first need to subscribe via our website.

To complete your request, you need to deliver:

  • Copy identity (passport/ID) of yourself and other persons that move along, such as partner and children;
  • Final tax assessment of the country where you file a tax return. This may be maximum two (2) years old;
  • Copy of your employer's signed employment contract, which shows that you are going to work or work in the Netherlands (part Zeeuws-Vlaanderen);
  • This information needs to be sent to info@woongoedzvl.nl with your name and complete address.

The Expat Center Zeeland can bring you in contact with our English speaking contact person. This person will explain further activities such as log-in on the site and intake interview.

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