Being deeply involved

“Woonstichting Hulst” is a corporation of rental properties for carefree living in a pleasant environment. We offer you a choice of more than 1,500 rental properties in the core of Hulst.  Housing consists of various types of homes: family homes, apartments, lean-homes and senior housing in various price ranges.

Hulst is located in East Zeeland Flanders. The city of Hulst has a Burgundian atmosphere and you can even shop there on Sundays. The city  is a protected townscape, one of the seventeen protected villages and townscapes of Zeeland.  Hulst has 68 national monuments, including parts of the city walls, the town hall at  the “Grote Markt “ and the basilica church.

Many customers appreciate comfortable housing in a pleasant environment. Living in Hulst is very popular and  has since a long time a core environment  where people like to settle. They choose to live close to facilities. Together with entrepreneurs, the municipality, pr healthcare, welfare and education providers, we invest in the quality of the environment. The wishes of our residents come first.  Our motto is clearly  "being deeply involved".

“Woonstichting Hulst”  is a housing corporation;  this means that we mainly rent to tenants up to a fixed income. If your income is higher than € 40.024,00 (price level 2021),  only limited homes are available. Housing consists of  a kitchen, bathroom and bathroom facilities. Floor covering (carpet etc.), curtains, kitchen appliances, furniture etc.,  are not included and are at the expense of the tenant him/herself. Electricity, gas and water must be arranged with a supplier. To be eligible for a possible lease, you must first register.

Rental of the houses takes place upon registration and with the housing  application form potential tenants can indicate their housing wishes. The corporation is accessible and service-oriented with the aim of having satisfied tenants.

You must submit a number of documents with your application:

• a copy of a valid proof of identity (both sides) of you and any partner;

• a declaration of income from you and your partner (available on request from the Tax Authorities: tel. 0800-0543 or download yourself via My Tax Authorities) or a copy of the final income tax assessment of the previous year from the country where you file a tax return;

• a copy of your employment contract signed by your employer, which shows that you are going to work or work in the Netherlands.

The Expat Center Zeeland can put you in contact with our English speaking contact person. This person will inform you further. We guide you through the procedure.

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