Housing throughout Zeeland

Reham Rental takes care of the renting & letting of family houses and apartments throughout Zeeland. We have a large data file of rental properties. These properties vary and are suitable for single or double households and for families.  Some properties are furnished.
That can be an advantage in case you need a quick solution. Other houses or apartments may be softly furnished or they are unfurnished.

As an affiliated partner of the Expat Center Zeeland, we like to help you in finding a (temporary) rental home. Reham Rental is part of Reham Estate Agents & Evaluation, being active since 1995. We are here for you. If needed, we can also visit you. This fits in well with our personal way of working.  We do understand the need to have a quick confirmation about your housing needs and the subjects that you need to have organized. Therefore, we can also help and advise you, if requested, with connection of gas, water, electricity, TV and internet.

What do we offer:

  • A house that suits you and/or your family
  • Personal guidance
  • An English speaking contact person and if requested, an English  translation document of the rental agreement
  • Strong network at the regional housing market
  • Help in getting insurances and connections (gas, internet etc.) organized

In case you are looking for a house, Reham can start the search. Of course, we want to know what you are looking for, where and for how long. We have a big network in Zeeland and that gives chances for success. The search information is always shared with you and we do our utmost until you have found a good feeling house! In case you have seen already a rental home on our website, then please contact us so we can plan a visit for you and can  eventually organize the future steps in the process. We follow up on this with an personal meeting. The Expat Center will arrange the contact and we are happy to help you. Let’s talk!


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