Dutch language training

Scalda is a school for secondary vocational education (MBO) and adult education. Scalda provides accessible and versatile education in Zeeland. We offer various professional training courses. You can also take language lessons with us. If you do not speak Dutch yet, or only speak it a little bit, we will help you on your way. The starting time of the course is flexible.

Personal Education: Our teachers are involved and they give each person personal attention. We offer intensive guidance to students, focused on the individual possibilities. This gives for everyone a known feeling of being recognized and appreciated. The training takes place in a safe environment, characterized by small scale and personal attention.

How does it work: We start with an introductory meeting. The coordinator will then agree with you where and when you can start the lessons. Classes take place during the day and in the evenings. Depending on the course you will follow lessons once a week or more times a week. All our teachers have both a teaching qualification and a NT2 diploma. A group consists of a maximum of 16 people. Within this group you work at your own pace and at your own level.

During the NT2 course you will learn the principles of the Dutch language. You will work on reading, writing, listening and speaking skills. The lessons are practice oriented and also cover grammar and spelling. Your progress is monitored twice a year. Since the course is given at a school, there are no classes during the school holidays


The Expat Center Zeeland can provide a contact person


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