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When you are a student and you want to study in the Netherlands, the educational institution will play an important role in the application procedure. It is possible (sometimes necessary) that they apply for the MVV on your behalf and make use of the so-called “accelerated application”. The normal procedure for obtaining an authorization for temporary stay (MVV) usually takes between 3 and 6 months. If an educational institution brings in trainees or students from abroad on a regular basis, they may be eligible for the accelerated MVV procedure. This procedure takes just a few weeks.
More information to be found: study-at-university

See also procedure link: https://www.expatcenterzeeland.com/students

Studying in Zeeland
In Zeeland the University College Roosevelt located in Middelburg encapsulates the core features of their identity. Above all, they are a University, proud to offer a Liberal Arts and Sciences program with over 200 high-quality courses that not only provide a unique educational experience,  but also prepare students for top master programs all over the world.
It is a College, a small and tight-knit academic community of 600 students and dedicated faculty and staff, with a residential campus and a very active student body. The Roosevelt part points at the fundamental values in the field of global citizenship that were formulated by Theodore, Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt and that they seek to foster and strengthen amongst their students and faculty from all over the world.
More information – see website University College Roosevelt

The HZ University of Applied Sciences, located in Vlissingen offers study programs on bachelor and master degrees level. Theoretical knowledge transfer in a practice-based  environment is the most important goal of their type of university.
They work in close cooperation with many national and international companies and institutes. The practical application of career-oriented assignments is what distinguishes a HZ undergraduate degree from one at a research university.
They also have exchange agreements with partner universities all around the world.
More information – see website HZ University of Applied Sciences

Scalda is a school for secondary vocational education (MBO) and adult education. They provide education in the southwest of the Netherlands from thirteen small-scale, subject-oriented colleges and from CIOS Zuidwest-Nederland, Maritime and Logistics College  De Ruyter and MBO Dance. They help you to get the most out of yourself and encourage you to be excellent.
In a pleasant, structured and human-centered learning environment, they help you in your professional and your personal development and they strive that an increasing proportion of their programs are judged in independent benchmarks to ensure that the programs  belong to the best in the Netherlands.
More information – see website Scalda

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