Welcome to the Netherlands & Zeeland

The Dutch economy is the sixth largest in the European Union, being the transportation hub and a huge exporter of agri-food products. The Hague is the Legal Capital of the World, home to organizations such as the International Court of Justice and Interpol. The Key cities Amsterdam and Rotterdam are  renowned centers of international commerce.

The Netherlands, as the name indicates, is a low-lying country in geographical terms. About 25% of its surface is located below sea level and 50% less than one meter above.  You are probably aware that the country is also referred to as “Holland”. This name, albeit used synonymously, actually refers to only two of the provinces in the Netherlands. Art admirers will know the country by its most famous painters such as Johannes Vermeer or Vincent van Gogh. They have inspired many painters to move to the Netherlands for work or studies.

Since the constitutional reforms of 1848, the Netherlands has been a hereditary parliamentary monarchy. The constitution determines the duties and responsibilities of the monarch and other government authorities. King Willem-Alexander ascended the throne in 2013. The Dutch celebrate Kings’ Day on April 27. It’s a festivity throughout the country.

Welcome to Zeeland

Zeeland: unrelentingly beautiful. A paradise for water sports enthusiasts and lovers of nature. But for sun worshippers too. Or gourmands. Here you can find everything. Prepare to be overwhelmed by the historical splendours of Zeeland’s towns and cities. And be amazed by its unique shops. Savour the salt-flavoured sumptuosities on your plate. Imbibe the local beverages. Inhale the scent of the sea and feel the inner calm. We offer you a warm welcome. What takes your fancy?

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