What kind of Insurances?

Liability Insurance
In the Netherlands, many people take out a Liability Insurance. (Aansprakelijkheidsverzekering). This insurance protects a person or entity from claims initiated by another party.

Accident Insurance
The acccident insurance (Ongevallenverzekering) insures against bodily injury or death because of an accident and the expenses entailed in these events. This kind of insurance will pay out a lump sum amount if you or a family member becomes permanently disabled, or dies as a result of an accident.

Household Contents Insurance
An often used insurance in the Netherlands is the Household Contents Insurance (Inboedelverzekering), which covers damage to your household goods caused by fire, burglary, explosion, storms, water and various other factors. The sum insured will usually be subject to average, so it is important that your insured sum is up-to-date.

Residential Premises Insurance
Expats who have bought a house in the Netherlands are obliged to take out a Residential Premises Insurance. This is a condition to get a mortgage. If you have bought an apartment, the home owners association should provide the insurance. Otherwise, you have to arrange this insurance yourself.

The owners of furnished rented properties usually pay the Residential Premises Insurance for expats renting a house or apartment, but tenants could still need to take out Household Contents Insurance for their personal possessions (household content). Check this with the owner.

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