Social Security, Old Age Pension & Child Benefit

Social Security
If you start living and/or working in the Netherlands, you will automatically be covered under the Dutch social insurance system. You will build up rights to an AOW old age pension and you will qualify for child benefit. If you pass away, your survivors may qualify for a survivor benefit. You will cease to be insured in the country where you lived or worked previously.

Being Detached from Social Security
If you are a detached employee from the EU/EEA or Switzerland you are covered for social security in your home country with a maximum of five (5) years. In this case you will not be covered under the Dutch social insurance system.  The Netherlands has also a treaty regarding Social Security for the following countries.
Please see Treaty Countries

A1/Certificate of Coverage
The A1 certificate shows that the ruling regarding social security is in place from your country of origin. This certificate gives the following information:

  • Which legislation applies to you (on the basis of which article)
  • The period for which this agreement applies
  • The place where you are going to work

If you work in the Netherlands and  the legislation of another country applies to you, you need to request the A1/certificate with the organization where you stay in the social security. Often your employer from your home country will do this for you.

Being not detached from Social Security
For those countries where there are no agreements with the Netherlands, the Dutch Social Security will apply.
Social security in the Netherlands can be divided into Volksverzekeringen (National Social Security) and Werknemersverzekering (Employee social insurance schemes).

National Social Security applies to all residents of the Netherlands and the benefits are not related to someone’s salary. The employee social insurance schemes are confined to employees; benefits are related to the pay last earned and are received in the event of loss of pay because of illness and permanent disability for work and unemployment.

Old Age Pension (AOW)
The AOW is a basic state pension for people who have reached their AOW pension age. If you live and/or work in the Netherlands under the Dutch law, you will be insured under the AOW scheme. AOW pension is paid by the SVB.
You will find more detailed information on the Website of the  SVB English

Child Benefit
Child benefit is money from the government towards the expenses of raising a child. If you live and/or work in the Netherlands and you have a child or children under 18, you will get Dutch child benefit.
Dutch child benefit is paid by the SVB Child Benefit

For more information on Social Security you can also contact at the municipality Terneuzen: Roy van den Eeckhout  +31 115455399

Employment Law
Employees in the Netherlands are relatively well protected by the rules of Dutch Labour Law. However, expats cannot always rely on all the legal safeguards that have been created for Dutch residents. For expats Dutch law may not always be applicable. Inherently, an international’s employment contract will determine the specific conditions.

More information, such as unemployment insurance, can be given from the Dutch Employees Insurance Agency UWV:
Telephone: 088 – 8989294; from abroad telephone: +31 88 8982001
on working days: 08:00 – 17:00  – keep your BSN number handy

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