The EU Intra Corporate Transferee (ICT) directive, was implemented in 2016. The objective of the ICT directive is to make it easier for multinational companies to transfer skilled workers from non-EU countries.

The employer applies for a Single permit. This is a permit that entitles the foreign national to stay and work in the Netherlands. The Single Permit combines the residence permit and the TWV. You only have to apply for one permit, to one authority: the IND.

The IND asks advice from the Netherlands Employees Insurance Agency (UWV) about the labour market aspect. UWV assesses the request for advice based on the criteria according the Directive. The IND takes a decision on the basis of the UWV advice. If the decision is positive and the Single Permit is issued, the IND will inform you accordingly.

Please note:

  • At the moment of submitting your application, your main residence is outside the EU.
  • You will be working in management or as a specialist (so called key personnel) or as a trainee.Note: For a trainee, there are extra conditions. Please check¬† Intra-corporate transferee
  • You will be transferred from a company outside the EU to a branch in the Netherlands.
  • Prior to being transferred you were employed with the company outside the EU for at least 3 months.
  • You have a valid employment contract with a company established outside the EU or an assignment letter from your employer.

    This employment contract shows the following details:

    details about the duration of your transfer and the location of the branch in the Netherlands;
    details showing that you will have a position in management, as a specialist or as a trainee-employee;
    your salary and other terms of employment during the transfer;
    details showing that after the transfer you can be transferred to a branch that is part of the same
    company and which is located in a different country.

The employer can choose to become a recognized sponsor. This is not obligatory

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