Brute Verwondering

The town hall of the municipality Terneuzen opens its doors for a late summer festival.
As of August 25th,  visitors can visit the town hall on a Friday evening and on a Saturday for this event. 


You will find spinning bikes, a sportive activity,  at the civil hall with a view over the water (Westerschelde). There are creative workshops, music, children activities, guided tours and a preview of the upcoming art event. The festival will take three (3) weekends including the open monument day on September 9th. Toonbeeld, Bruutsterdam,  Sport school Delta, foundation Fabricatie,  Porgy & Bess and the PIT are participating in this late summer program.

On Friday evening September 1st, there will be a POP Program in the town hall lounge, organized by “de PIT”.  Performances from “Light by The Sea” and “Indigo Pastel”.  On Saturday afternoon September 2nd a jazzy street theatre performance will take place of  “Onder N.A.P 9x13” at the town hall front court, organized by Porgy & Bess.  The afternoon will be closed with a performance of the band “Brock and the Brockettes”!

What can you do during a weekend day at the town hall?  You can start on a spinning bike enjoying the view of the Westerschelde.  Visit the exposition factory “Een Fabriek” and enjoy a drink at the “Bakema Bar”. In the afternoon you can visit with your child(ren) the “Childrens Ballad”.  You can follow a workshop animation or you can listen to a band in the lounge of the town hall.  End your day with a guided tour through the town hall  special building.  (The Terneuzen town hall has been completed in 1972 by a the design of Jaap Bakema, in the style of brutanism and the tectonic principles. It is inspired by shipping). 

What do you need to know? More information to be found on the municipality website: 
www.terneuzen.nl/bruteverwondering - - All activities are free. 
For some of the activities registration is needed. 

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