Presentation Expat Center Zeeland

The Expat Center Zeeland has been invited by the Works Council Diamond Center of Dow Terneuzen to give a presentation during their annual meeting on June 7th, 2023.



The work council team requested a few topics that we covered in our presentation. Topics such as our mission and ambition, our future goals, as well as the question whether there is a cooperation between us and the Dow international employees.
We informed them about our collaboration with Human Resources, the contribution of two Dow internationals in our international community team and the fact that the Expat Center Zeeland is present at the Dow monthly cultural awareness sessions for new international employees. These topics were very well received.

An interactive session about the Expat Center Zeeland with a small limited group took place after the presentation, using the mentimeter. Questions such as ‘how do you describe living in Zeeland?’ and ‘If you have the opportunity to improve something in the Zeeland area, what would it be?’  have provided us with valuable input to continue working on this and to see how we can, for example, visualize this with a future event.

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