About ABAB

ABAB Accountants  & Advisors is a full-service accountancy and consultancy organization with more than ninety years of experience and seven hundred committed employees, spread over fifteen branches.  At ABAB, entrepreneurs have a personal sparring partner that they can count on in all aspects of their business operations. They look ahead with them to anticipate opportunities and challenges in a timely manner. Specialized advisors provide tailor-made advice and support. In this way they contribute to the success of these entrepreneurs.

Tax support for employers and expats

Business is often not bound by national borders. The same goes for employees. Some employees join an employer outside their country of residence. Other employees make business trips outside their usual working country. Sometimes an employee even works for a shorter or longer period on behalf of an employer in another country. In all these cases, you as an employer will have to deal with the applicable law in both the home country and the host country.

Complex (inter) national laws and regulations are associated with these different types of expats. ABAB Global Mobility Services has all the expertise in-house for the complete legal and tax guidance of employers and expats.

Employers with employees working abroad

We assist employers whose employees work outside the Netherlands with matters such as:

- Advice on legal and tax issues
- Advice regarding social security
- Advice and support with salary splits and special rules, such as the 30% ruling
- Guidance with income tax return
- Support in preparing legal agreements

Employers starting their business in the Netherlands

We also support employers who want to settle in the Netherlands, for example:

- Support with the registration of your company in the Netherlands
- Advice and support in setting up a reward structure and conducting a Dutch payroll administration
- Advice and guidance on the Dutch work culture


PrimeGlobal - the strength of local contact

More and more companies operate internationally. In order to be successful in this, it is important to know and correctly apply the international tax regulations, as well as the local tax rules of the various countries. Therefore,  ABAB International is an independent member of the PrimeGlobal network. PrimeGlobal is an international partnership between more than 300 accountancy and consultancy organizations around the world. This enables us to provide you with adequate advice and support for work related matters  across the border, while observing local laws and regulations. We can also introduce you to local advisors, so that you can also meet your tax obligations (such as income tax returns) abroad.

Would you like to know more about tax support for you as an employer or as an international/expat?  Please contact us.

The Expat Center Zeeland can provide a contact person


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