DRV International

DRV Accountants & Adviseurs is a tax and accounting company with 12 offices in the south-west of the Netherlands, established in 1922. Our core activities are accountancy, tax advice and financial consultancy. In our tax consultancy division we have various consultants with broad knowledge of tax law and also many specialists who are specialised in a specific area of tax legislation. For example, we have VAT specialists, corporate income tax specialists and specialists in the field of wage tax and social security law.

In addition, we have a team of 20 consultants that provide international (tax) services to companies and individuals. We have extensive experience in the field of global mobility, transfer pricing, international VAT and other international issues. Examples of global mobility services we provide are the following:

Income tax return: If you are obliged to file an income tax return in the Netherlands or if you are entitled to a tax refund, we can draw up and file your income tax return.
Social security: Moving to the Netherlands will probably have consequences for your social security position. We can inform you about matters such as pension, illness, unemployment, etc.
Legal documents & practical issues: If you need help with legal documents, such as an A1 certificate, a work permit or an employment contract, we can assist in drawing up those documents. We also work together with a third party,  specialised in housing and other practical matters when first entering the Netherlands.
30% ruling: We can send the request for application of the 30% ruling on behalf of the employer. Furthermore, we can provide you with advice regarding the 30% ruling, for example whether or not you are eligible for this ruling, which is fiscally beneficial.
Salary split calculations: If you are planning to work in several countries simultaneously, it is possible that only a part of your income is taxable in the Netherlands whereas the rest of your income is taxable in another country. We can calculate your net worldwide income in advance, if desired.
Global network:  DRV Accountants & Adviseurs is affiliated with Moore International, an international network of independent accounting firms with 614 offices in 112 countries throughout the world.  As a result, we can collaborate with our colleagues from Moore to deal with international tax matters.

The Expat Center Zeeland can provide a contact person.


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