Rental Housing

Kennedy West Vastgoed is a rental agency for long-term and medium rent.
We develop or transform buildings in order to have new homes in the housing market. This varies from apartments to energy neutral single family homes.

Each year we have a number of projects and therefore we can expand the housing offer in the areas of Goes, Hulst or Terneuzen. It is possible to rent apartments or houses unfurnished, softly furnished or furnished. We offer rental housing ourselves; this means that we can contact people on a very short notice and we can solve problems quickly.

In case you are looking for a home, you can contact us for a registration form. After we have received your registration we will contact you if there are available homes.
We have various projects on our website and if you are interested in one of these projects, you can contact us. We gladly help you in English and Dutch; we have quality rental homes and we react fast by phone or mail.

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