Learning Dutch

Taalkracht is a private and small-scale language institute based in Terneuzen. Taalkracht has a clear vision of language development and the resulting language training. In our opinion, language training only has an effect if they are followed with pleasure. Fun and a safe and challenging learning environment lead to self-confidence when applying a language and thus ensure the best return on language training. The twelve language trainers who work at Taalkracht elevate these core concepts to an art and our carefully designed classrooms take care of the rest. Everyone is welcome to join us: the non-Dutch speaking employee, his other half, and if necessary we can arrange a babysitter for small children who are not yet attending school or daycare. But also individuals who want to work on their own language skills on their own initiative can come to us.  Training can take place in a one-to-one situation, but we also organize group trainings (with a maximum of 6 participants). In addition to giving Dutch language courses, students can also contact us for technical English, business English or German language training. All trainings are given by experienced native speakers. With its language training, Taalkracht creates opportunities for its clients for maximum participation in the workplace and in society. The learning method is aimed at the practical implementation of the target language. Our focus is both on 'being able to' and on 'knowing'. That means: no tricks and memorizing questions, answers and standard phrases, but knowing what you are doing and why. In our opinion, good basic knowledge of grammar and sentence structure is of great importance.  Each student receives a personal intake interview, after which an inventory is made of what the most important learning questions are in consultation with him/her  and possibly in consultation with the client/employer. In the training, circumstances are created in which the learner learns the target language efficiently and permanently, in order to achieve business or personal objectives. Where possible we use material from the personal practice of the student, so that what has been learned can be applied directly in daily practice and the involvement is increased. Newcomers are welcome, but also candidates who already have a basic level and want to improve their skills can come to us.

Taalkracht currently serves mainly large (er) international companies from the region. They give their foreign-language employees the opportunity to learn Dutch or improve their skills. As mentioned, we use documentation from the company where possible in our training courses: procedures, task-risk analysis, safety regulations, manuals, minutes; everything that facilitates communication at work. We also help students to obtain a VCA diploma, the aerial platform and / or forklift diploma or other compulsory parts / training at work. All our training courses are tailored to the needs: that means that painters learn different (verb) words than care providers, that procedures can be discussed, but also the package leaflet for a new medicine. No training is the same. We do not use a standard method, but we have developed our own teaching method. Only that which is really needed to get as far as possible in a short time.

Taalkracht is partner of the Taalakkoord; an initiative of the government to improve the language skills of employees with a language deficiency. These can be native speakers, but also foreign speakers. As an additional motivating factor, an annual subsidy can be requested for this: Count along with language. If you think that it is not so bad: about 50,000 people in Zeeland have trouble reading and writing. Fifty thousand, in such a small region. Taalkracht believes that language development in whatever form - for native speakers as well as for NT2 learners - is part of the duty of care of companies. We see every day how important the command of Dutch is for work and participation in society. That is why we are committed to the development of language in the workplace. In this way, employees with a language deficit can work more productively, healthier, more safely and with greater pleasure, and moreover participate more actively in society. Language helps you forward. Long story short: for the perfect language training you have to go to Taalkracht!

The Expat Center Zeeland can provide a contact person.

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