Taalmundo’s language courses are acclaimed for their individual approach and the personal attention every trainee receives. At Taalmundo, you not only learn a language—you also get to know the culture behind it and discover and develop your own communication style. All our trainers are well-educated native speakers. 
Whether you’re an expat and want to master Dutch or you're interested to acquire another language, at Taalmundo you learn to communicate more effectively in a foreign language.

A unique program

You are unique. That is why we design a personal training program especially for you. We make your training as goal-orientated as possible. This includes the language level A1 trough C1. We can focus on your reading, writing, listening or speech capabilities, whichever is needed the most. This way we customize the course to your specific requirements. We get to know you better during an intake interview, this way our language trainers can familiarize themselves with your situation and wishes. And that goes a long way. Many course members say they have never experienced as much customization as they have at Taalmundo.

Design of the program

At Taalmundo, you have the freedom to decide how quickly you want to learn the Dutch language. You can choose whether to attend one or two lessons per week and whether your lesson lasts one or two hours, this choice is entirely up to you as a student. The lessons are fully focused on learning the language of your choice, which can include Dutch, English, French, German, and more. At Taalmundo, you can opt for private lessons, sign up with family, friends, or colleagues, or join a group of other students. The lessons can take place face-to-face, but online lessons are also an option.

Expert coaching

During your training, you are coached by native speakers. They support you in developing your language skills, cultural awareness and communication style. Most importantly, they ensure that you feel at ease in the language so that even after your training, you can communicate with self-confidence.

Experience it yourself

When you follow a course at Taalmundo, you really experience the effect of our method. We often hear from our students that a course with us is the ultimate in tailor-made training and that they have learned far more than just a foreign language. For more information see the link of our website.

The Expat Center Zeeland can provide a contact person.

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