Taalschool Zeeland, an experienced language provider

Taalschool Zeeland is an experienced language provider throughout Zeeland, certified by  “Blik op Werk”  with a quality mark and partner in the Zeeland Language Agreement.  More than 20 years of experience in teaching Dutch to non-Dutch speakers guarantees a great deal of quality. This quality is further enhanced by working with permanent, highly experienced and highly qualified teachers. These are all in possession of the recognized NT2 teacher diploma!

Customized processes are our starting point as that always works the best. The individual is always central to us. Every student has his or her own needs. It is our strength to start from this when setting up the individual learning path, thus aligned with the individual wishes and possibilities of the student. If you have recently come to live in the Netherlands for work, study or for a stay with your partner, you certainly want to learn the Dutch language as quickly as possible. Speaking, listening, reading and writing are the skills that are represented in our offer, but you determine yourself what the emphasis should be, so it depends on what you need the language for and what level you want to reach. It is, of course, also important to know the habits and customs of the country and the region. That is why we also pay a lot of attention to this part and to help you to fast integrate into the new living environment and feel at home quickly! Learning the language is in order to function better in the society, in the social environment  and at work. Taalschool Zeeland helps you in the best way with this. You determine the combination yourself. Language and social life, language and work (we therefore focus on the specific professional language per sector), language and study, a combination of all? You decide, we provide the process for that!

At Taalschool Zeeland you are at the right address for your Language path at all levels. We offer many options. For example, we have class lessons (maximum 15 people), group lessons (6 to 8 people), but individual lessons are also possible. The lessons are given during the day, but also in the evenings, and from 1 time per week to 8 half-days per week. We work up-to-date. In all our trajects we use "blended learning", partly from the book, partly via e-learning and partly in practice. This ensures the best effect and the most efficient process. And with that you can also determine the pace yourself, by working more or less on the language at home and at work.

Are you interested in our way of teaching? You can contact us to discuss the possibilities to realize a customized learning path.

The Expat Center Zeeland can provide the contact for you.


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