About HR Expat Services


Our enthusiastic team consists of the managers Coby, Evi and Merel Verschelling and 10 consultants. We mainly work in the Southern parts of the Netherlands – but we are not limited to these areas. Because of our vast network, we also provide services in Belgium and the rest of the Netherlands.  Our company has been active in the relocation business since 1990.

Our mission is to advise our clients and their employees in relocation with excellent service. Our services reduce the Human Resource Department’s work load and help the employee to be productive from the very start of the move.

The HR Expats service starts from the moment the decision to relocate your employee has been made and continues until the employee (and family) are settled in their new home and environment. We will support them and we will provide the most relevant information about the relocation starting with required documents, housing information, medical issues, schooling, insight on various towns and cities and ‘the Dutch way of life’.

HR Expat Services has a lot of know-how and experience and takes pride in giving personal attention and excellent service. We can offer on-demand-support and help you solve many of your queries, complicated or small. We truly enjoy being your guide and help you find your way in your new home.

You and your employee will always have someone to turn to and your employee can rely on a warm welcome!

The Expat Center Zeeland can provide a contact person.

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