Your one-stop partner with a boutique approach!

RSH (Relocation Services Holland) has been in the business of relocating employees to The Netherlands for more than 30 years.  We are a ‘one-stop’-service provider,  which implies that we coordinate and take care of all immigration/relocation related enquiries.



We offer three service lines: Immigration, Destination and Realtor (rent, purchase a new home and property management) integrated in one company, assisting the client with one focal point. Our team of highly qualified lawyers, field consultants, tax specialist and realtors work very efficiently according to our ISO 9001 & ISO 27001 certifications maintaining a high service quality and control over all our processes.

Immigration Lawyers and Tax Experts:  Provide strategic counsel and customized solutions to help global businesses to manage the transition of their international work force to The Netherlands effectively. All companies who send employees to the Netherlands and individuals who want to work here will have to deal with immigration rules. Tax advice and assistance, including the ‘30 percent’-ruling, is also offered.

Professional Relocation Consultants: Support international assignees and their families to make their relocation to The Netherlands as smooth as possible and ensure a positive experience for everyone. Relocation services include for example school search, house search, all required registration appointments opening bank accounts, converting driver’s license and much more.

Realtors Specialized in Housing: Guide the expats with every step of the housing process to purchase or rent their new home.

We have launched Online Relocation to meet the request of individual clients who fall outside of corporate global mobility scope. Online Relocation offers a wide range of low-cost immigration and destination services.






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