Introducing the Spousal Support Program

Career perspectives for partners can be a struggle in a foreign market where ' the way of applying for job opportunities'  may not been known.
Partner Manpower has established a procedure how to become market ready and maximize chances. The program has been developed to support  the to be taken steps in the Dutch working environment. CV screening & adapting, practical needs, job search, application support, personal advice -> all important factors to get ready to become market ready.

Spousal support is available for every spouse, partner or family member who is considering to relocate in Zeeland or already living in Zeeland. We can offer this support free and without obligations. A 100% success ratio is not guaranteed, as we depend on the local labour market possibilities. We inform, support and strive to maximize chances for every talented spouse. Our main objective will be to find a job opportunity, in case this is not achievable we try to connect the candidate with the labour market and make him/her aware if and how likely he/she is to find a job.

Spousal support is also available for companies. Did you know that in cross-border recruitment 79% of all dropouts are due to a lack of perspective for partners? As a consequence, dual career friendly recruitment could significantly increase your hiring ratio. With our knowledge and network in the local labour market, we can help your company being successful by offering our spousal support.

Are you interested to discover what Manpower and Expat Center Zeeland can do to assist you or your partner to connect with employers and the local labour market? Do not hesitate to contact us!

The Expat Center Zeeland can provide a contact person.


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