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Household Property – Bringing a Vehicle
If your vehicle has a license number of one of the  EU/EFTA countries
please read first:
(EFTA is European Free Trade Association)

If you are moving to the Netherlands from abroad and you bring your vehicle, you need to know the following (please read the link first):

In case your car is part of your household move, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • You have lived minimal 12 months outside the Netherlands.
  • You have  owned and used the car minimal 6 months abroad.
  • The passenger car, delivery van or motorcycle you take along is part of your household move.
  • You must use the car in the Netherlands for the same purpose as abroad.
  • You may not sell, rent or lend the imported car in the first 12 months.
  • You move to the Netherlands from another European member state, you can request the removal property exemption from the Tax Authorities.
  • The Dutch tax authorities only accept complete requests, which are submitted in writing.
  • It takes between 3 and 6 weeks to obtain the moving goods exemption.

If you are moving to the Netherlands from a non-EU or EFTA country and you want to import your household effects to the Netherlands without paying import duties, you will need to declare this to customs.

You should indicate that you wish to import your household effects without paying import duties. You cannot file this declaration independently. The application must be made via your removal company using Customs AGS declaration system. Your removal company will declare the household effects with a special code (relief code) so that you can import your household effects with an exemption for import duties. You will only be granted the exemption if you meet a number of conditions. Also, your vehicle needs to be checked by RDW when applying for a Dutch license number. The vehicle needs to meet road safety, noise, environmental and window illuminating feature requirements (if applicable). These are the so-called permanent requirements that are part of the Regeling voertuigen Decree.

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