Various Services & requirements

Relocation Services
When relocating to another country, it is possible to get help from a Relocation Agency.  The employer can offer this service or the employee can organise this.

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A Dutch bank account is necessary for those who are going to work and live in the Netherlands and with income paid in the Netherlands. You must go in person to open a bank account, but it is not always necessary to make an appointment. Please ask at the information desk to see an advisor.

The following documents are required:

  • Valid passport – if you have a residence permit please take along too.
  • Proof of address (confirmation of registration from the town hall or a rental contract).
  • A letter confirming employment (from employer or a copy of the work contract).
  • BSN number

(The bank will require some evidence of income in the form of an employment contract, recent pay slips or a statement of employment benefits. Without any income you will not be allowed to open a banking account. Students should bring proof of enrollment at their university or educational institution)

There are a number of Banks in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen/Zeeland:

  • ABN AMRO Bank;  website has an English version
  • ING Bank;  website has an English version
  • RABO Bank;  website has an English version

See section I am a partner for more information

Bringing Pets
The most common pets in Dutch homes are dogs, cats, birds, fish and rabbits. Monkeys and other exotic animals are prohibited. Also, many parrots, reptile, and amphibian species are prohibited, as well as dangerous animals, such as toxic spiders and scorpions, and endangered species. It is possible to bring a pet from another country to the Netherlands, if all the conditions are met. For example, dogs, cats and ferrets must have been vaccinated against rabies. The conditions depend on the kind of animal you want to bring in and the country it is coming from. 

If you want to bring a dog, cat or ferret to the Netherlands from another EU country the following conditions apply:

  • The animal must be at least 15 weeks old.
  • The animal must be vaccinated at 12 weeks old.
  • After the animal has been vaccinated, you must wait 21 days before bringing it to the Netherlands.
  • The animal must be microchipped and have a pet passport.

If you are planning to import an animal, you must have it microchipped and registered within two weeks of its arrival in the Netherlands. The microchip is normally implanted by a vet, who can also advise you on how to register the animal.

If you have any questions about bringing pets to the Netherlands from abroad, contact the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority - Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

If you want to bring an animal to the Netherlands from a country outside the EU, you should first contact the NVWA. They can tell you whether this is allowed by law, and under what conditions.
Please see: Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality

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