Procedure in 5 steps

You are a recognized sponsor and you want to hire an employee from abroad. This employee needs a residence permit (countries other than EU/EEA/Switzerland). Also is often a special entry visa needed (is called MVV). Residence permit and MVV need to be requested at the same time (in one request) at the IND. See procedure in 5 steps.

Step 1: read the conditions  -

Here you find all the residence permits related to work, as well as the conditions, rights and obligations belonging to a residence permit. Which permit your employee needs depends on the function and amount of salary.

Step 2: complete the application form

You can perform the application in writing or online via the business portal. In the form you declare that your employee meets all the conditions. The documents that you are using for the application you keep yourself. You do not send these documents with the application form.

Step 3: pay your application

On you can see the cost for your application. In the application form you can give your permission to the IND to write off the costs by direct debit. Or you wait for the letter stating how you can pay.

Step 4: wait for the decision

Have you paid for the application? Then the IND has 90 days to make a decision. This is the decision period. Have you used the direct debit? In that case, a decision is often made within 2 weeks. This will not work if your application is not complete. Or if additional research is required. In that case you will be notified and the decision period can be extended.

Step 5: the decision

Has your application been rejected, and you do not agree? Then you can object. Is the decision positive? Then you will receive a message about the collection of the mvv or residence permit.

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